What are “you”?

Take yourself and start removing everything that makes “you” or you think of as “yourself”.
Let us go step wise-

First take your physical aspects and the material things- The way you walk, talk and behave; the kind of clothes you put on; the type of job you do; your very physique itself.

Now, Secondly take the things which you have developed from your childhood- Your attitude, character, your reflexes to certain situation and the very way you think itself.

If you observe carefully all the above things which make you are different when you
compare it with people around you.
They are very much different when you compare it with people of other state, country and continent.
Yes you are very unique!!
Now comparing it with people of previous generation and the next generation you’ll realize that “you” are
nothing but firstly “the time you live in” and secondly “the place you live in”.

So if you are just the TIME and PLACE,
Then just “live the time” and “love the place”.



This is the post excerpt.

Well people say you should not underestimate yourself, but i sit back and think “nagesh what is the one thing that you are good at” and the answer i get from my “self” is “nothing”. 

Also many people have told me that i think a lot and in the midst of these thoughts i said “yes you do think a lot” and why not use that as your “thing”.

I want to post my perceptions!!!

What is true?

When people ask me something, even if I know what to reply or what the correct answer is, I hesitate to give the answer, I ask myself “if what I think or what I’m going to tell is actually true”.
And I really don’t know what is true or for that matter what is false.

Now, what is true??
A dear friend of mine told me that “what you believe in, is true”, “what you keep faith in, is true”.
I doubted that and I’ve never been able to accept that.
I’ll tell why- If what one believes and keeps faith in is true, then it is true to him/her alone.
Well that’s good because when we prioritize ourselves we don’t have much to do with other person’s belief.
But is it actually the truth, the person just ends up creating a different reality for him/her self. It can be said that they are living in a world shaped by their own beliefs.
Which is neither true (because that is not the actual truth) nor false (when you prioritize yourself).

And I did come at a conclusion that if I kill the doubt, the doubt of my belief, my truth being the actual, absolute and universal truth, even then there is a small doubt of it being false. I find it like a never ending free fall.

The best way to kill this doubt is not to come at a particular conclusion or be firm on you belief but to give up and enjoy the fall.


I would like to know viewers advice.

God helps those who help others

I have had many encounters where my belief in God was very much uplifted, where I could feel his energy and see his answer given right away.

I would like to share one such incident-

It was night time (21:00), I was very tired and was going to my place after finishing my classes, which was not very far from where I was but there were no buses for that route and I had to take an auto-rickshaw. I checked my wallet and found that I had only forty bucks, whereas the actual charge was fifty bucks (I was just ten bucks less). I knew that the driver would not agree for forty bucks and I was in not in a state where I could converse with him and make him agree for forty bucks.

However, I went to the auto-stand where a bunch of drivers were sitting, and I told them my address and said I had only forty bucks and then didn’t say anything. None of them agreed to go and then one of the drivers shouted out for a fellow driver who was sitting on the other side of the road and told him my situation. The fellow driver agreed to go and while crossing the road he said “agar mein aaj kuch accha karunga toh kal bagwaan mere liye kuch accha karengay “ (“If I help someone today am sure that God will help me tomorrow”).
I smiled and sat inside the auto and he started to drive. Just after a 2 or 3 min ride the driver saw a group of 4 people
and stopped and asked where they wanted to go, the reply was the same address as mine and all the 4 of them and I adjusted and sat in the auto. The driver before kicking off turned back, looked at me and said “Mein ne kaha than na, bagwaan madad karengay” (“I told you right, God will help”).
Seeing this my face lit up and I was not tired anymore.

From that single ride he earned more than 100 bucks while rest of the driver turned down just because I was ten bucks less.


Believe in God.
Do Good,
Good will happen to you!!

Way of life!


There are two ways to live-

  • Philosophical way- Of or pertaining to philosophy. You can reason for everything you know and also for everything that you don’t know. You can reason for everything that happens to you, around you and make yourself feel comfortable.
  • Empirical way- Of or pertaining to empiricism. You can live each moment of your life as an experience. Experience everything in and around you.

    Both way help you to live without regrets but when you try and reason something that you don’t know you create a friction or a gap between your “self” and everything else which will eventually harm you only.
    When you experience everything you start to merge your “self” with everything and live peacefully.